About me

Welcome to ifcuriousthenlearn. I created this site to inspire curious people to learn, with a focus on engineering and technology. Many concepts and tools that engineers and technologists use can have a steep learning curve, so I hope my posts will make it easier for anyone interested. Technology has allowed me to appreciate things in the world that I would have never dreamed of, and this site is a journey of my learning new technologies to help me better understand the universe we live in, often from an engineering perspective.

I have been fortunate to be a very curious person, and I enjoy wearing many hats. Professionally I consider myself a mechanical engineer with a focus on computer aided engineering(CAE) and materials/solid-mechanics, but also enjoy software development and process engineering. My hobbies include sailing, aviation (gliding, powered, RC), soccer, photography, running, cooking... (and could go on for days). I am a nascent linux user and passionate about the open-source world because it has made me more curious than ever because of the ease of exploring computer systems.

I hope to share some of my frustrations in the world of technology, and maybe beyond. I also find that slowing down every day and just writing, something, helps me channel my thoughts and motivations, and I think this will be an excellent chance to help me to keep writing. So, I hope to be of help to other through tutorials of handy tools I have found or made, as well as share my adventure in the world of engineering, math, programming, linux, open-source things, and whatever else I find interesting. I am also very interested in STEM education and getting people interesting in science, engineering and math and showing some tools to help scratch their curiosity itches, so my posts may vary greatly in technical degree.

Thanks for reading!

Watkins Glen, NY